Original works, copies, interior items, souvenirs (žiūrėti lietuviškai)

Your purchase is not just a purchase of something you like. It is a huge collaboration which enables me to keep going…

  • HQ printing technology on HAHNEMÜHLE Photo Rag®, 308 g (for art collections and museums) with special marks of photographic information and signs of its authenticity.
  • Various sizes of the same photography are possible.
  • Various styles of the best quality framing.

Indicative prices of limited edition original photographies (prices can vary ±20%):

  • 30x20cm – 250€
  • 45x30cm – 400€
  • 60x40cm – 600€
  • 75x50cm – 800€
  • 90x60cm – 1000€

To see available selected art photographies browse: valdasjencius.com/art-photography
To see all of the available photographies browse the complete collection: valdasjencius.com/photography
If you have questions please write: valdasjencius@gmail.com

For the available original works browse the complete collection: valdasjencius.com/painting
If you have any questions, feel free to write: valdasjencius@gmail.com

Limited Edition Poetry Texts. High-quality printing and framing (suitable for collectors and museums) with special marks of authenticity (edition number and signature). The text you like can be prepared/edited with photos or paintings of your choice.

  • Different sizes are available.
  • Different framing styles are available.

Prices vary depending on your chosen text (also print size and framing): 200-1000 €.

Poetry is published at: valdasjencius.com/poetry
If you have any questions, feel free to write me: valdasjencius@gmail.com

On canvas (with wooden stretchers), wooden board, metal, glass, plastic, paper, stone or any flat and tight material. Any sized HQ printed copy of almost any photography from valdasjencius.com/photography or any painting from valdasjencius.com/artwork-tag/hq-prints

Please note that those copies will not have an original identity marks, so if you wish to get an original photography or painting artwork please check the information above (Original photography; Original paintings and drawings).

The pricing of copies on different kind of materials will vary depending on the material’s type.
Indicative prices of HQ printed copies on canvas, with wooden stretchers:

  • 40x30cm – 100€
  • 100x100cm – 230€
  • 130x195cm – 520€

Glass can be prepared as the detail of an interior (simple picture, cover for the table or even partition wall). You are free to choose any sized any artwork or photography from this web page for your order which will be prepared on the highest quality extra clear tempered glass. If you have questions please write: valdasjencius@gmail.com

Indicative prices of some different sized glass prints:

  • 40x30cm – 140€
  • 100x100cm – 420€
  • 130x195cm – 900€

Badges, keychains, postcards, posters, refrigerator magnets, large size magnets, umbrellas, etc.:

  • Badges (⌀25mm-3€, ⌀38mm-4€, ⌀57mm-5€)
  • Postcards (10x15cm-2€)
  • Refrigerator magnets (8x12cm-3€)

You can order a souvenir with an image of any photography, painting or drawing artwork which you will find on this web page. The smallest possible order – 120€. For the particular souvenirs or if you have more questions please write: valdasjencius@gmail.com