One of the essential features of my photography is that it doesn’t have any colours, just two – black and white. I rejected all others because I believe that in most cases colours distract attention from the essence of photographed human being. Up till now, the main series came from the streets of Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Milan, Rome, Venice, Malta, Vilnius and other European cities including Copenhagen where everything started in 2012. I am exclusively interested in international environments because it gives a wider understanding of contexts which reveals a more clear vision of my own local surroundings and myself among bunch of similarities and differences around this world. While my photo camera is targeting a man it is targeting the social and anthropological understanding. I am trying to get through to the opposite side of social masks and to take a closer look at what is inside.

Selected street photos

I am also working with an experimental long exposure and artistic photography of nature and cityscapes. And for some photos I use live models which you can see below.

Selected nature

Selected cityscapes

Selected nude

Street photography albums (complete)

Other albums